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Mark Huddleston joined the Rotary Club of Edwardstown (D9520) in 1997 after 10 years in Rotaract. Now aged 53, Mark has accrued over 35 years' combined experience in Rotary and Rotaract. Given the average Australian Rotarian age of 71, he is ironically still considered a "young" Rotarian.

Mark was club president of the Rotary Club of Edwardstown in 2006/07, and has since served for 8 years in senior district roles, including 2 years as The Rotary Foundation Grants Chair, 3 years as an Assistant Governor and 3 years as District Membership Chair. Mark is a respected and much sought after commentator, presenter and prolific blogger on Rotary’s membership challenges. He has spoken on over 250 occasions to clubs, conferences, webinars and training events across Australia and New Zealand, and has run in excess of 10 dedicated membership seminars and events. He is passionate about modernising Rotary and making the organisation more attractive to a younger audience. He is a lateral thinker who calls it as he sees it.

Mark was also the driving force behind the creation of the Rotary Club of Seaford against a local background of serious membership decline and club closures. He transferred into this club at its charter in 2016, and will serve as Club President in 2022/23.

Mark works in the freight and logistics industry at Pack & Send Lonsdale. He has also run a confectionery business and a mobile catering franchise, and has a background in the electronics field.

Mark is married to Debra who he met in Rotaract, and has two children; Aaron and Elise. The images above convey some of Mark's favourite Rotary memories, moments and mates.