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The need for change and reinvention is paramount for every organisation today and Rotary International is no exception. In this timely and important book, Mark takes a candid look at the reasons why change in Rotary is so critical and offers a practical game plan for making the organisation future-fit and relevant for the years to come.

Michael McQueen, Trends Forecaster and 5-time bestselling author, Sydney, Australia

“Creatures of Habit” truly is THE book on understanding the decline in Rotary membership and prescribing tactics that can reverse it.

Raymond Pifer, Jamestown, North Carolina, USA

This book is amazing and sure to be a best seller. Love your writing style and that it's packed with great ideas and wisdom! Every Rotary club in RI should have a copy!

Di Barnes, Sydney, Australia

Mark has written this book as a lesson and a new way forward for Rotary clubs in Australia to grow in membership. He shares many fresh ideas on how we should approach increasing members in our clubs. It’s a collection of his 30 years' combined real life experience in Rotary & Rotaract. This is a must read for Rotary Club Presidents and those aspiring to be Rotary District Leaders in Australia & New Zealand. Mark tackles one of the root causes of membership decrease in Rotary in Australia. He says our clubs have not been relevant to the demands of our fast changing society. Believe me it’s worth the $25 investment. Buy it now.

DGN Ana (Andy) Rajapakse, Gold Coast, Australia

I have no doubt your work will impact here in New Zealand and hopefully around the Rotary world.

PDG Martin Garcia, D9940 Public Image & Communications Chair, Wellington, New Zealand

A great read! It should be made compulsory reading for Rotarians.

AG Russell Green, Adelaide, Australia

Loving what you have to say and the simple clear use of the English language you use to express your ideas and outcomes. I certainly identify with your way of thinking and the conclusions you have reached.

Chris Egger, D9800 Membership Committee

What Mark proposes in his book is exactly what I'm looking to achieve in Stanthorpe.

Kim Thorburn, President Elect, Rotary Club of Stanthorpe, Australia

I purchased your book Creatures of Habit 2 months ago and quickly resonated with it. Mark Huddleston your approach is thought provoking and makes sense.

Sharon Hamilton, Invercargill, New Zealand

I have really enjoyed reading your book and I love the challenge to make Rotary travel well into the future for all of us.

Judy Cushway, Adelaide, Australia